Go That Extra Mile – Entrepreneurship

In Business, you must always remember to “Go That Extra Inch.. Set Realistic Expectations. And when you reach that Goal, a mile later, you will understand the concept of celebrating the little successes.” ~ Felix L. Griffin

My mentor, Dr. Joyce Knudsen interviews Dr. Tony Alessandra. Dr. Tony Alessandra helps companies turn prospects into promoters. He’s two speakers in one… a professor and a performer, or as one client put it — he delivers college lectures in a comedy store format. Dr. Tony offer audiences the opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning practical, immediately applicable skills that positively impact their relationships with prospects, customers and co-workers. His focus is on how to create instant rapport with prospects, employees & vendors; how to convert prospects and customers into business apostles who will “preach the gospel” about your company and products; and how to out-market, out-sell and out-service the competition.

Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen, Ph.D., AICI CIM, Founder and President of The ImageMaker, Inc.® is an International Trainer, Author and Mentor. Joyce is known internationally for originating and developing the First International Home Study Mentoring Certification Program for Image Consultants worldwide.



Husband, Dad, I.T. & Biz Savvy Geek💻📱📶💵 ✈️ Motto: To Thyself Be True. 📍USA

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