Importance Of Technology To Small Business Owners [Infographic]


 Small Businesses are focused on social media and digital marketing.

For small business owners, email rates as the top software tool (47%) for running their business, followed by financial management software (29%), according to a Staples’ study of 510 small business owners conducted online by Harris Poll during late summer 2014. Additionally, the survey shows the importance of technology to small businesses of all kinds.

“More than ever, small businesses rely on technology to make more happen every day,” said Alison Corcoran, senior vice president, North American stores and online, Staples. “Staples offers an expanded assortment of the latest technology products in store and online, as well as Staples EasyTech™ services to help our small business customers so they can focus on running their business.”

The survey also shows that this is a crucial season for small businesses, with 62 percent looking forward to fall as the start of the holiday. Overall, about a third (31%) plan to invest in online marketing this fall.

Additional facts revealed in the Staples Small Business Owners Survey include:

  • Drive profits: Small business owners want to improve business by increasing promotional marketing (26%), developing social media (21%) and managing inventory better (14%).
  • Technology focus: 71% of small business owners say the computer is the most crucial piece of office equipment.
  • Everyday focus: 63% of small business owners don’t have a five-year plan.
  • Buying decisions: 96% of small business owners are involved in purchasing products for their business.
  • Omnichannel shoppers: More than half (53%) of small business owners use the convenience of shopping both channels, with 82% shopping in store and 66% shopping online.
  • More efficient: Small business owners plan to “get smart” increase efficiency this fall by focusing on marketing and advertising (28%), cash flow management (26%) and social media use (26%).
  • Fall clean-up: 56% of small business owners actually plan a fall clean-up.



Importance Of Technology To Small Business Owners [Infographic]

Small businesses rank the computer as their most important tool and email as the top software for running their business. The infographic below shows the significance of autumn as small business owners gear up for the holiday shopping season with plans to increase promotional marketing, develop social media and manage inventory better.


Importance of technology to small business owners [Infographic]Survey highlights importance of technology to small business owners [Infographic] via Staples

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  1. When hasn’t small business relied on technology to grow?


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