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 Would you go to the 92nd birthday of your friend’s grandma with a bikini as a gift? Ok.. Maybe you would. But if you want to make a splash, it’s best to know your target audience and try bringing, let’s say, a card, with money inside.

Talking to your audience on social media is similar. You can’t effectively speak to a 20 something gamer in the U.S. the same way you speak to newlyweds in the U.K.

If you don’t know the following things about your audience on social media, you might be gifting a golden bikini when you really should have a card. Or in this case, publishing the wrong content at the wrong time.

6 things to know about your audience

1. Location

Know where your audience is and drill down from region to country to city. The location of your fans will help you identify the optimum time for posting. In addition, knowing where your Fans are located can help you shape your ideal fan base. Don’t allow your fan base to be diluted with the wrong kind of fans. Do you have a bunch of unwanted Likes from region you don’t do business in? Block those regions for accessing your Facebook Page and ensure each post reach doesn’t get “wasted” on people out of your target zone.

2. Language

Fans within a particular region may speak a variety of languages. It’s important to understand how diverse your audience is and consider tailoring posts by language within the same region. Inclusive and exclusive targeting based on language is possible and worth testing.

3. Interests

Pay attention to what your audience is interested in and get inspiration for the type of content you want to post. There’s a good chance your audience will have similar interests with each other. Look for interest trends and test content tailored to that particular category. Did you notice that a lot of your fans like a particular brand? Consider a sponsored promotion.

4. Social Status

This audience demographic is important to know because it not only helps you shape your message, it let’s you know if you’re attracting your target market. If you’re targeting parents of a certain income but reaching unemployed singles, it’s time to reconsider your approach.

5. Time Online

Reaching your audience when they are active online can be an important way to drive engagement and provide good customer service. If your customers make purchases in the evening you can amplify your content by publishing at the peak moment of activity. With social media, the initial uptake and reaction to your content is an important factor for determining its further reach. So if a piece of content is getting high engagement with the first 10% of people reached, that means it’s more likely for Facebook to serve that content to other eligible people.

6. Gender

Knowing the gender of your audience can help you tailor call to actions and use pronouns that resonate better with your audience. This can also be helpful in creating an effective tone of voice.

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