Visualizing Success: 6 Ways To Set Yourself Apart In Business

The Power Of Visualizations


(BPT) – More than half a million new businesses emerge onto the scene over the course of each month, according to Forbes Entrepreneurs. But even more businesses shut down than start up. Whether you’re a new business owner or an employee looking to take your career to the next level, it’s definitely a competitive environment. How can you differentiate yourself from the millions of others?

Developing a purpose and setting goals to accomplish that purpose is the key to success,” says Per Wickstrom, founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation and successful business leader. “As an individual, you have a unique and fresh perspective, so it’s important to let that shine through.”

Wickstrom offers his proven tips for setting yourself apart from the rest to reach your business and career goals:

Give back to the community

Never underestimate the power of giving back to your surrounding community. The local community is what helps your business grow, and giving back is immensely rewarding and valuable. From volunteer days to donation drives, there are hundreds of ways for you and your business to give back to the community.

Tell your unique story

All successful people have role models and mentors from which they draw inspiration and knowledge, but it’s important to continue to develop your own individual style and viewpoint. How did you get where you are today? Don’t be afraid to be your dynamic and complex self.

Continue to learn

Commit to learning something new each and every day. To be innovating and create new products and services, you need to stay on top of the trends and news in your industry. Keep an open mind and always be ready to absorb as much information as you can. Being flexible and adaptable are some of the most valuable assets.

Learn from your mistakes

Of course you’ll never make it to the top without learning from your many mistakes along the way. There are very few “overnight successes” in the world, and it’s likely you’ll spend years working towards your greatest accomplishments. When you experience a setback, don’t let it overwhelm your rational thinking. Instead, let it fuel your motivation on the road to achieving your goals.

Keep productivity top of mind

When collaborating with others, meetings can be both incredibly productive or a complete waste of time. Keep your meetings and brainstorm sessions compelling and energetic without letting them run too long. Put away your smartphone and other devices to focus on the task at hand.

Focus on your passion

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders are not successful because they let money drive them. Instead, they focus on their passion and spend time working on a vision that pulls them forward. While this involves a bit of risk, every successful person must take that leap in order to develop their goals and dreams. When you visualize your success, it means you believe what you want is more than possible.

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