Get Started With Mobile Search Engine Marketing

Mobile marketing is exploding! Growing by leaps and bounds and companies are looking for new ways to take advantage of this opportunity. Maybe you’ve recently made ​​a mobile website, informed your customers about it. Is that enough? Short answer.. No!

The advent of smart phones has been a positive incentive for Internet and digital marketing (Mobile Marketing).  Internet on smart phones has caused a rapid increase of mobile marketing. When we talk about online marketing, we can not make a single step without being tied to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Same could be said for mobile search.

Mobile Search 80 Percent

Analytics shows that 78% of mobile searches for local businesses result in a purchase and 79 percent of those convert within an hour; 70 percent of desktop searches take at least a month for a transaction to complete.

Here are the 3 most overall important factors about taking your business mobile:

Traditional site design versus mobile site design.

While it is true that people can access and view your traditional website using their mobile devices, it is also true that users will have an extremely difficult time reading your site’s content, and an even tougher time navigating through your site. (If you want to know what your traditional site looks like on a mobile device, simply zoom out – a lot – on your desktop computer screen. Not pretty, huh?) Whereas traditional site design is aimed at creating a comprehensive and visually pleasing experience for site visitors, mobile site design centers primarily on ease of navigation. Mobile web users don’t like scrolling, typing in text, or waiting for pages to load; therefore, mobile websites keep content and graphics to a minimum, and instead focus on providing exactly what is needed in a way that is super-simple to view and access.

The mobile audience.

Many mobile web users use only their mobile devices to access the Internet, foregoing computer use altogether. That means they expect certain things. They use the web to search for businesses and get quick information, and do very little web browsing “just for the fun of it.” They want quality, not quantity, and they don’t want to have to work to use a website.

Mobile SEO.

SEO is just as important in the mobile web as it is in the traditional web. However, it is also much different. Mobile search engines behave differently, and the unique composition of mobile websites means they must be optimized in ways that are unique to the mobile world. Taking the wrong steps, or skipping certain steps, when using SEO for your mobile website can make it virtually invisible in the mobile web.

As you can see, there are a number of very good reasons to build a mobile website and get started using Mobile Marketing for your business today!

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Felix L. Griffin


Mobile Marketing 2017 Infographic


Pro Tip: Writing Compelling Ads for Mobile Paid Search Campaign

Focus on your Product – Mobile search promotion is about selling your product – not your company. Many inexperienced marketers are always making the same mistake by promoting company instead of their product.

Provide important information about your product – Potential customers reading your advertisement, must find out why your product is better than competing product. Do not provide generic descriptions because they will not bring sales.

Compelling Click -to-Call Action Message – People love special offers, and it would be a smart move to include phrases like this: “Call Now and receive 1 additional year warranty”. This is just an example. Every product is unique in its own way.

Keywords Must be Present in the Title – You should not write ad without a specific search keywords. If you are selling “your product” (be specific), then “your product” keyword should present in Ad title and description at least once.

 More Resources Here – Google Best Practices

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