30-Day Journey To Personal Development

Successful people understand the value of personal development in their professional lives. They know that no one is really able to get ahead in the game of life if they won’t spend time, money and effort on personal development. Indeed, personal development is an investment that you should prioritize. With this, I am encouraging you to take a 30-day journey toward personal development. You can start from as simple as allotting 30 minutes of your time daily to read insightful books about personal development, business practices, business trends, exercising and any others that you think will impact your life big time! You can then move further to attending seminars, training, going to the gym, enrolling in school or events that will develop your leadership skills and hone your knowledge so you can always perform your best.

Here’s the 30-day growth challenge:

Week 1
Week one is all about developing important habits and establishing things that will serve as the framework for getting the most out of each day over the next month.

Day 1: Leave last month behind (and commit to no expectations).
Day 2: Set goals for the month (or reevaluate them if you already have).
Day 3: Break those down into weekly goals and use a daily or weekly accountability system to track your progress.
Day 4: List important assets you need to accomplish those goals. Chances are, you don’t have everything you need to accomplish your goals. Make a list and figure how you’ll acquire the assets you need to do that (such as skills, new contacts, resources, ect.).
Day 5: Make a vision board. Even try building one on Instagram or Pinterest. I know Guys, I know. – but trust, It Works!
Day 6: Start a journal.
Day 7: Relax and Reflect (Free Day).

Takeaway: Keep a journal and build vision board – thoughts matter.

Week 2
Week two is about the outward. It’s about optimizing your environment to maximize your focus and productivity.

Day 8: Wake up thirty minutes earlier. Even if you don’t do anything with it, rising early makes you feel great and puts you in the right state of mind for the day ahead.
Day 9: Design a morning routine. Take it one step further and design a morning routine that jumpstarts your day.
Day 10: Adopt a nightly ritual. Like the morning routine, but this is all about optimizing your sleep and well-being by placing you in the right physical and mental state of being before retiring for the day.
Day 11: Minimize or get rid of T.V. Try to reduce your T.V. consumption down to just a few hours a week. 2 to 2.5 hours a day would be good.
Day 12: Do a smartphone/app cleaning. Chances are, you have a ton of apps (social media) you really don’t need or which distract you regularly but bring you little value.
Day 13: Cleanse your social media networks/apps. Social is one of the biggest time sinks and a constant source of distractions. Reduce the number of sites you’re on, who you follow, and weed out the bad associations.
Day 14: Relax and Reflect (Free Day).

Takeaway: Let Go and Focus Forward.

Week 3
Week three is about the inner game of optimizing your performance to increase your creativity, performance, focus, and reduce stress.

Day 15: Meditate for five minutes. Preferably, make this a daily habit.
Day 16: Try a brain game. These are great for optimizing your cognitive functions.
Day 17: Adopt a mindfulness practice.
Day 18: Start exercising. It’s important you find a method that works for you so you’ll be excited to exercise and work out.
Day 19: Start using the Pomodoro  method while you work.
Day 20: Create the habit of doing problem tasks first. There needs to be a sense of order and logic to how you work. This is the second step to optimizing that and it influences both your productivity and creativity.
Day 21: Relax and Reflect (Free Day).

Takeaway: Get a good night’s sleep with a pre-bedtime body-scan meditation.

Week 4
Week four is about growing your knowledge, skills, and other assets. Listing important assets you need to acquire to accomplish your goals for the month and year. Think about the kinds of things you need to learn, develop, and want to acquire.

Day 22: Start reading. Depending on your profession or interest, this can be anything that brings you value.
Day 23: Start listening to podcasts or audio books (even videos). Unlike books, which require your undivided attention, podcasts are great because you can take them on the go. Highly recommended!
Day 24: Search for a mastermind or group of like individuals (Online and Offline). If you don’t already have a group of people you communicate with regularly that are in your profession or are at a similar professional level, start searching for a group or community.
Day 25: Do one thing you’re afraid of. The ability to consistently step outside of your comfort zone is a skill that can and should be developed now as it will serve you in everything you do.
Day 27: Reach out to one person that can move your life, over all (Soul, Mind and Body), forward.
Day 28: Perform an act of kindness/ Prepare yourself to give (giveback). Most of us have lost touch with (or never knew) the power of helping others without expecting anything in return. This knowledge, and the understanding that you always have the ability to exercise it, doesn’t just make you happier and more fulfilled, it can serve your life (over all) in a big way. Such acts of kindness are the perfect way to start off a long and beautiful relationships and personal connections.
Day 29: Relax and Reflect (Free Day).

Day 30: Get a Buddy and help build up another and share your experiences. 


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