Going Digital Is Key For Small Businesses In The New Normal

Digicard - Contactless Digital Business Card - Felix L Griffin Online Blog

If you own a small business or frequently shop at one, you know that COVID-19 has instantly changed everything. As brick-and-mortar shops have had to temporarily close to customers, the need to adapt has never been greater.

For small businesses willing to reinvent themselves, going digital – or ramping up your digital operation if you already have one – can help weather the storm. There are plenty of tools available to help your business survive – and even thrive – through the pandemic and beyond.

We know many mobile users use only their mobile devices to browse the Internet, find products and services, and shop online. Especially during the COVID economy. While you may be likely to focus on digital marketing, know that it is more than posting your websites and promoting on social media. While that is great, you will still need to think locally and take advantage of every interaction (online and offline).

Think Local!  One of the biggest boosts for your business in your neighborhood and the local community is to create a buzz by word of mouth. The beauty of running a local business is you’ve got boots on the ground, ready to capture attention and build your brand in and around your community. Using simple grassroots marketing tactics, you can shout about your business from the rooftop. (But you may want to start with the sidewalk.)

One area small businesses and Entrepreneurs will have to adapt is Contactless. By now, we have heard of Contactless payments, digital wallets, and the move to digital commerce, but there is more to Contactless.  Even in this digital era, while we are practicing social distancing, remember, small business is all about relationships. We must maintain our human interactions and engagement.

Think Contactless!  One of the most overlooked and genius ideas is Contactless Business Cards. With Contactless Business Cards, you’ll have a custom mini-website that can be shared anytime, anywhere! Here are a few ways Contactless Business Cards help grow your business:

  • Quick Social Links: Easy access buttons to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more!
  • Responsive: Compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Modern Design: Stand out from other businesses with sophisticated and tech-savvy digital cards.
  • Higher Lead Generation: Capture new leads with our follow-up feature.
  • Contactless: Safely share with your prospects or clients when you’re meeting in person, over Zoom, or on teleconferences.
  • Faster Referrals: Wherever your clients are, they can share your digital business cards in just one tap.
  • Speak Your Brand: Digital cards are easily customized to match your brand.
  • Voice Introduction: With the option to add your own recorded introduction that plays as your client explores your Digicard.

Can your business card do that? I didn’t think so.

Digicard - Contactless Business Cards

See examples of Contactless business cards:

Health and Wellness, Salons and Barbers

Car Dealership/Car Sales


Real Estate


Financial Advisors/Agents, Insurance Agents


Gone are the days of handing out germy paper business cards. With the Contactless Business Card, you can promote your business and the company you work for while reducing health risks across your workforce and sales teams by practicing social distancing *.  In sales, it is important to remember the “10-Foot Rule”. That is, whenever you are within 10 feet of a potential prospect or customer, remember to greet the person with a cheerful hello, or simply make eye contact, smile and nod your head. This opens the door for conversation.

Become part of the movement: Go Contactless! Make it easy for customers to access your website and contact information. Make Your First Impression Count – With Contactless Business Cards, you’ll have a custom mini-website that can be shared anytime, anywhere! Make Every Impression Count. Get your Contactless Business Card Today!



Digicard – Contactless Digital Business Card

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