5 Essential Personal Traits Needed to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

The 5  Essential Personal Traits Needed to Become a Successful Entrepreneur 

I am always reading and came across an article I thought I would put my “spin” on.. You often see people being asked, “what are the most important qualities for success in business [ being an Entrepreneur]?”  Obviously there are many personality traits that contribute to success in every sort of endeavor; but honesty, hard work, creativity and a positive mental attitude are only a few. However, I think that there are five traits that are essential keys to achieving entrepreneurial success. These are present in every successful entrepreneur I have ever met or read about.


High achieving entrepreneurs have an unrestrained passion for their business or concept. This is not to be confused with cheerleading or hype. Their passion is born of a confidence that their project will help and provide real benefits to people, clients and customers. Of course, they hope to prosper financially from their work, but they really and truly are passionate that they can make a difference. The passion that Steve Jobs exudes when he would speak about technology and computers.


Successful entrepreneurs will not be stopped. They quickly come to understand that they will consistently hear the word “no”. To these driven people “no” simply means not today. They are driven to succeed and always find a way to overcome the “no” obstacles that the marketplace places in their path. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in economic development as key contributors to technological innovation and new job growth. They literally DRIVE the Economy.


By their very nature, entrepreneurs are creative.  Creativity, though it often does, should be guided with focus. Ideas seem to come in waves. The project at hand is undone by a bigger, grander idea, then another. Successful entrepreneurs are solely and totally focused on their Business Plan, executing their strategy and getting to market with a first mover advantage in hand. F.O.C.U.S- Forget Objects* Creating Unnecessary Stress

*Objects: Others, Opportunities and Objectives

Many Businesses today have been a success by staying focused on the perfection of their business model before they considered expansion or experienced growth.


The ability to discipline ones emotional urges and stick with the plan when things seem bleakest is so important. The discipline to work though problems that seem too vexing is something that many people lack. Work ethic that demonstrates the ability to overcome problems is essential.

Thomas Edison famously conducted over 1000 experiments before perfecting the incandescent light bulb. You have to have the self-confidence and discipline to keep pushing until YOU achieve Your goals.


Arguably, this should be Number 1, most essential, but also rarest trait, that successful entrepreneurs possess. I do not believe that courage can be taught.  The courage to commit fully to a project is what separates commercially successful
entrepreneurs from dreamers and failures. Fear of failure chokes courage. Fear of hearing “no” again and again smothers courage and kills the growth of any success. Risk aversion today runs deep in contemporary society where security is prized above anything posing uncertainty and has become the norm.

Successful entrepreneurs will fail at some point and they usually fall early and often, but have the unique ability to get up and go back into action. Check out Examples of Successful Entrepreneurs for your self.. Learn from them and do what it takes to develop into one.

Entrepreneurship is Living a Few Years Of Your Life Like Most People Won’t. So That You Can Spend The Rest Of Your Life Like Most People Can’t. 

Husband, Dad, I.T. & Biz Savvy Geek💻📱📶💵 ✈️ Motto: To Thyself Be True. 📍USA

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