Spring Break (Digital Hiatus) from Social Media

My 7 Day Digital Hiatus from Social Media – which may become 30 Days.

I will take a 7 Day Hiatus From Social Media. Will resume on 3/16/14. Reinforce your professional #brand & keep your followers engaged by sharing a great article from your field of expertise. #Authorship #engagement

The issue is not social media — in fact, We love social media and we are endlessly grateful for the service it provides. However, it’s often an issue of self-esteem and a deep-rooted need to feed our egos through other people’s positive reinforcement. – See more at: http://m.metro.us/newyork/lifestyle/wellbeing/2013/06/23/how-to-take-a-social-media-break/#sthash.9CN6xyHL.dpuf


Husband, Dad, I.T. & Biz Savvy Geek💻📱📶💵 ✈️ Motto: To Thyself Be True. 📍USA

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