Create A Content Marketing Calendar

Monthly Content Marketing Calendar

Monthly Content Marketing Calendar

Creating a content calendar allows you to create a framework that shows what, how much and where,  you’re planning to interact socially.  Content Marketing Calendars also allow you to see how the content posting supports your social marketing objectives.

Let’s be be honest..  It’s hard coming up with fresh content but when you do, you want to make the most of it. Planning your content and social media distribution will show when to write that blog or post and when to promote it through your various social channels.  And, if  your content is share worthy, you can send it out again or hopefully your connections and followers will share it and increase it’s virality.

A  Content Marketing Calendar will quickly show you how best to spread the information and line up various communication channels to support the distribution.  Things like podcasts, videos, charts, and other supporting marketing materials that makes your content more valuable.

The goal of a content calendar

It can be difficult to get started or get editorial teams to implement a content calendar. Don’t worry you can keep it simple, you don’t have to use spreadsheets. However, whatever your method,  if your content production is tied to specific strategic marketing goals then it is useful to create a calendar so that you can plan ahead, delegate tasks and benchmark your success.

More specifically, a content calendar enables a business to:

  • Make a note of key events in the industry calendar.
  • Plan around seasonal events or holidays, such as Back To School, Christmas or Easter and 4th of July.
  • Ensure you are creating a variety of content rather than getting stuck focusing on one channel.
  • If possible, delegate specific tasks to others.
  • Make sure everyone on the content team is aware of their deadlines.
  • Plan ahead so that content creation isn’t always a last minute rush.


Weekly Content Marketing - Calendar Post

Weekly Content Marketing – Calendar Post


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